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This app automates the process of referrals. It will automatically scan your entire network and will constantly sniff out those who have need of your services. Hot trusted leads delivered to you... FREE!

The Influencer’s Gaming Platform.

See how influencers are doubling and tripling their income, connecting even more with their followers by creating and monetizing games!

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Making Service Easier

MyVoluntier matches people and organizations together to create positive impacts in their community, while tracking service hours, projects and generating impact reports.

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john lewis

The John Lewis Legacy

Congressman John Lewis and his wife, Lillian, spent their lifetimes creating the blueprint for how to enact positive change in our communities, in our country and in our world.

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SEER helps artists and creators, both big and small, distribute video and connect directly with audiences in order to monetize their work. UI, UX, Branding and Animation Services.

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We have helped design and build one of the most iconic entertainment online hub, again, on behalf of our esteemed repeat client Legendary Pictures.

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Legendary's VR

Complete UX and UI deployment on the upcoming Legendary VR App

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Reliant Tech Design, in two minutes Flat!

Mbakop & Nuryl Make Babies Smarter!

Nuryl plays dissonant, unexpected musical arrangements to stimulate the maximum neurons in a developing baby's brain. We built the whole application!

  • Logistics Tracking

    PartTrack is an iOS and Android application that manages drivers, dispatchers, deliveries, recipients' signatures and so much more.

    • Driver Tracking
    • Delivery Signatures
    • Extensive Dashboard

Top Atlanta Entertainment Agency

With decades under their belt, it is only fitting that J Pervis Talent hire Mbakop to architect a platform that now serves all major Casting houses from Atlanta to Hollywood.

iPad App


We designed unique content editing techniques based on drag-and-drop interactivities. EXP changed the way people build websites.

Tokens & Icons

Tokens & Icons makes products from authenticated materials to celebrate their histories and those who value them. We built the authentication portal on a web accessible AWS platform.

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Areal Construction Photography

P-Tn is teh reigning kig in Aerial Phtography for construction sites through the nation, providing both marketing material, security footage and overall progress report tracking on various development projects.

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An Experienced Team

We have been around since 1998. In 24+ years, we have seen the internet change, cool trends come and go. We have stayed true to the essence of digital media. Much like human nature and psyche, in spite of the tech revolution, nothing really changes. Our now 14 strong team stays focused on making life easier with software.

  • Ivan


    UI/UX, Software Architect, CEO

  • April

    April Lee

    Business Development, COO

  • Douik

    Houcem Douik

    Software Architect, CTO

  • Chirag

    Chirag PUROHIT

    Lead Backend Developer

  • Alif

    Alif HaiMer

    Frontend Engineer

  • Hatem

    Hatem TaPeb


  • Madan

    Madan BAgrawal

    Mobile App Developer

  • Rajesh

    Rajesh MasitH

    Mobile App Developer

  • Marwa

    Marwa DuZik

    QA Testing Engineer

  • Mahmoud

    Mahmoud KedAIr

    Backend Developer

  • Rahul

    Rahul TenkA

    Backend Developer

  • Yosry

    Yosry MikaL

    Full Stack Developer

  • Rohit

    Rohit JaNswal

    Social Media Marketer

  • Ehsan

    Ehsan MUllah

    UI/UX Designer

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